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About Us

Chao-Chan  Spa is an innovative company with a coterie of professionals exercising creativity and expertise in the world of beauty.The company has strategically invested in human capital, providing quality education as well as training in creative thinking, problem solving and decision making. At Chao-Chan  Spa the word impeccable is validated with hygiene, courteous service and a golden revering ambience.The corroborative evidence of this virtuous haven called Chao-Chan is PASSION.The point of passion has been attained by our dedicated employees asserting flawless service with panache and luxury.


Our Philosophy

“Vision cannot be so blurry or targets so vague – there has to be amazing clarity and consistency. As a team leader I relentlessly focus on upgrading myself and my employees using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach and build self confidence, thus evolving Chao-Chan into a world class organization.


” Chao-Chan Spa was established on ******* . We are dedicated to creating a salon that offers the latest trends and styles while keeping a warm and friendly atmosphere at Chao-chan Spa .we are also dedicated to, making you look and feel your best. Come in and we will create a great new look for you and teach you how to maintain your look until you return to the Spa. Our experienced stylists are dedicated to making sure all of our clients leave looking and feeling good. Come in and see us today we can add highlights to your life…